I hope this discussion will allow those interested in creating a group collaboration in education about the Romani Holocaust to get together and share ideas.


I am a Porrjamos educator. I've spoken at a few universities in the United States, as well as high schools and clubs. I've been reaserching the Porrjamos for 14 years and have interviewed Holocaust survivors as well. My goal is to create a museum of the Romani culture with a focus on the Porrjamos.


Currently, my small group is creating a program using live music with VIA Romen, video, and lecture that will have the ability to perform at universities or any other organization that will have us. We will tell the story of the Romani from their entry into Eastern Europe up through events in 2010, highlighting the Porrjamos.


We have created a slide show of photographs that still needs some tweaking. The text for the Porrjamos section is almost finished, so we need to continue to work on the text for early history. VIA Romen will perform throughout the program, with music appropriate to the programming.


I welcome open discussion on what we can do to assist any other groups or if anyone has advice or suggestions for our programming.




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hi, ciuin,

congratulations on your work, it sounds very impressive. im an educator too, and i think it's so important for young people, really people in general, to know about all the ugly faces of the holocaust, not just the antisemitic one.

im so sorry i only saw your other thread today (it's actually the first time i realise there are active forum threads:)) oops, sorry els:)) i actually think one of the best way to address memorials is by having people collectively make one at the commemoration event itself. say your students and a group of artists at the location where you wish to travel/have the memorial work together for a few days, in a workshop+seminar combo - learning about the porraimos and at the same time time generating artistic ideas and putting them in application. this may sound a bit unclear, it's a bit difficult to explain but if you are interested in trying this sort of thing out, lets continue to talk about it and ill be happy to clarify or expand.

if you would like to connect on facebook - which i actually use more often than any other sites, me being away from home and all... long story, will share if you want to hear:)... im the roxana marin who lives in santiago de compostela.




It sounds like we are doing very similar things.  The organization I work with also does presentations in schools, libraries, clubs, universities...on the Porraimos, and the history of the Romani people. 

I like the idea of a sllide show.

On occasion,  we are sponsored by the local Holocaust Education Center.


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