The Jewish origins of the Roma

  Based on historical evidence and arguments famous Finnish and Israeli ethnologists, researchers Roma identity as Mr. Kyösti, Mr. Roth and Sandor Awraham I decided to write this article about the origin of the Roma. Historical part of this article, I drew on the history of ancient Israel Mezopámie and territories and a small article Sándor Awrahama Myths, Hypotheses and Facts / the true origin of the Roma / This article is also based on the ancient history of the territory of Israel. I thought it important to describe some of tochto works, because this precious article accurately describes the historical events.

Historical sketch of historians and anthropologists, who argue that the Roma come from India are wrong because they are based only on one-sided knowledge. Their theory is based only on the linguistic point of view and takes no account of Roma culture as a whole, which is due to their identity more important than their acquired language for communication. If we agree with this theory, as all American blacks should be seen as Englishmen. This theory is speculative and is not correct. / Sándor Awraham / K misinformation about the Indian origin of Roma largely contributed to by the Roma themselves, if to deny his Jewish ancestry came up with different false stories about their true origin. But the main fault in this matter can be attributed to counterfeiters and dezinformátorom ancient history. / The Roma culture is a much Hebrew elements, because they come from Israel and not originally from India and the Hebrew Israelites.

  In accordance with irrefutable historical evidence is clear that the Roma are the Jews of Samaria and the people of northern kingdom of Israel. Their capital was Samaria in northern Israel to the years 737 to 720 (BC), when the state of Israel gradually disintegrated as a result of the war with Assyria. By the year 722 (BC) Roma were deported from the territory of ancient Israel on the territory of Nineveh, which was located in the Kingdom HANIGALBAT-Mitanni in Mesopotamia. Nineveh was part of the kingdom of Assyria in the 7-6 centuries until then, until their nepodmanila Medes Empire, which stretched from India to Antholis. King Sargon of Assyria (II.Sarrukin) Median most cities have joined together, Medes deported to the territory of Assyria and Samaria of Jews, Gypsies in the Medes Empire. Roma were 150 years vassals Assyrian Empire. After the fall of Assyria rule Babylonians deported and their brothers from the south. Those in exile ustrážili have their own identity, social structure and their priestess tribe and after the 70's they went back to the territory of Canaan, where they continue to be recognized as Jews. In a relatively short time they managed to get back less of their northern brethren, Roma, but most of them still had to live in exile. / History of Ancient Mesopotamia and the territory of Israel /

  Roma came into India only in the year 128 (BC), and by the white Huns who were Hepthaliti, and subsequently lived in Uttar Pradesh. In particular, this region of Roma took over a lot of foreign words from India that are used today. Roma then fled to Benares before the war but the opposition of the local inhabitants were forced to move to the Ranchee. India is the original homeland of the Roma but a temporary refuge in the long history of persecution. There are no genetic relatives of people living in India and of Hinduism or any transposed elements. After leaving India, the Roma went to Europe through Iran, Armenia and the Bosphorus, joined them in addition to Indian and Iranian nomads. Except for their language it´s the only surviving feature that the Roma lived in India is several Skit-Sarmatian of tradinional expressions, which appear in their habits claim Abu-Nasr Utbi of origin roms from around Kaunadz is based solely on unconfirmed invents on this unanswered chronicler. 

  The British colonial police in XIX. century, the Roma invented the nickname of "gypsies". Falsely so called at the same time all the Indian and Iranian nomads who the Roma really had nothing in common. Later, after most European researchers based on the mistaken assumption that the basis of the Roma identity is a nomadic way of life. But Roma were nomads, they were persecuted Jewish nation for their faith! It's a big mistake due to ignorance of ancient history researchers. These investigators provided no evidence of kinship between Indian nations and Roma! Rely only on false and erroneous theories. What evidence can provide in this context that researchers? Here is the whole history of the ancient territory of Israel, I suggest you consult in order to create a clear picture of this part of history.

  Based on historical evidence, the results of ethnographic research, on the basis on the genetic comparison and knowledge of the physical anthropology of Roma are biased, questionable. Subjects of research in any case couldn't be Roma, it can only be Indian, event. Iranian nomads, who apparently considered the Roma to the claims of these people of their Roma origin after losing their identity. I refer to the ancient history of Israel. Contrary, when comparing the genetic map Róms and Jews in Finland and Argentina are more multiply confirmed that their ancestral interconection beeween. I categorically reject the origin theory roms Indian caste untouchables, Dr. Toomas Kisivald from Cabridge University, I am firmly convinced that Dr.Kisivald can not distinguish the Indian nomads from Roma. He probally does not even know the  knowledge thah in Europe, Roma account 25% of so called gypsies.Responsibly can I  say genetic maps could not come from Roma in comparason whit the genetic map of the Indian people, from any  caste. He should consult on this matter whit the Roma Explores identity of roms, prior to the publishing of his nonsensical article.  Even Paul Polanszki, a researcher from the USA, which says that no one knows the true origin Roms, you should study the ancient history of Israel,and consult with the competent group  of explorers. 

 Authentic evidence. Minority living in Slovakia so called "Gypsies" are Roma, the vast minority of the Hebrew Israelites but also by their own admission, is one of the tribes, who joined Roma during their long journey because of persecution in their own countries. Gradually lost their identity and the language is merged with Roma. Roma are not with them in genetic relatives. They are quite foreign to the Roma people, their mentality and way of life is different from the Roma. This non-Roma population are Budžaráti who mistakenly rank among Lovary  . These people are living at that time in Bratislava. Most of them emigrating to the Kingdom of Sweden and Germany. I personally visited the group in 1970, Kinkáša from Bratislava, who readily agreed with my assertion about the origin Lovary and strongly denied their Roma origin. This large non-Roma groups are the descendants of Indian and Iranian nomads who live in our concentrated in larger communities isolated from mainstream society.Roma are mostly educated, or are good merchants, conscientious workers and prominent artists. Among them are black, white and ruddy, and are loyal to the State in which they live. They are characterized by solidarity and tolerance.

Older members

Beast community, scholars have argued that the Beashi (mistakenly dubbed trough) come from Israel and unequivocally rejected the account of their Roma origin. According to their interpretation of the Beast come from the lower Indus River and after many years of wandering settled in Dacia at high water, so the sea, and then got into other European countries. They the Roma language, speak their own language. Ancient history does not address the origin Beast so we rely solely on their assertion of their true origin.
The single Roma community, as such, is not the only reality and creation popierateľov sfalšovateľov true identity of the Roma.

  In Europe and South America live the following Roma groups: Finland and Spain Kaleido, Kalderash / Churarya /, Extraxharia / eftavagaria / , a minority of Lovari  , Máchvay, Ktoraxhany. They are divided into subgroups and such. servorom (Slovak Roma), ungrorom (Hungarian Roma), etc.Descendants of those Roma who managed to return to Canaan with the help of their southern brethren living in Israel today. Unfortunately, they also lost their identity. But they live in Israel and many of those Roma families, who are considered Roma as well as the Jews. Roma in this country are assigned the status YEHUDIN, which means that they are citizens of Israel to the Jewish origin! / S. A. /

The Roma have a monotheistic faith

. According to this faith, God is achievable. Hebrew is the element of faith in the spiritual world, which consists of clean and contaminated spirits.
The dead man is dirty until his soul is on its way to the spiritual world.
Death is the final transition into the spiritual world. At the time of Lent, the whole family is
 polluted and all subjects related to death are also contaminated. At birth, the same rules as for their Jewish brethren. In connection with the regulations (III. Mózis 15.part) genitals are dirty and lower body. The upper part of the human body is clean. Hands can be ambiguous and therefore must be frequently cleaned.In contact with strangers (GOJO, Gozo, Gadžo) under the old habits of Roma  have their own rules, such as the Roma never voluntarily not to sleep with non-Roma man in one room and not eat together.The issues in the Roma community have been addressed by a Council of Elders of the KRIS (2 Moses 21:22, 22:9)In case the young man kidnaps a girl and her parents had to pay the other hand KEPAR.

A nation without a homeland? They will find with us the politicians who claim that the Roma are a nation without a country and culture. It should oppose them because of their original homeland was Israel and the Roma culture and largely enriched European culture in music as in other areas. In European music significantly represented the original Jewish-Romani themes. Based on research from the XXI century there is evidence that their culture has written 4,000 years. They also have a very rich history, kings have even twenties of which I would like to name

1.Jerobeán (931-910 BC),

  2.Nadab (910-909),

  3.Bása (909-889),

  4.ELA (836-885),

  5. Zimri (885-885),

 6. Tive Tibni (885-885),

 7.OMRI who bought land and built the city of Samaria (885-874),

 8. Ahab (853), introduced the use of language and writing into law,

 9. Achajsá (853-852),

 10. Joran (852-841)

 11. Jehu (841-814)

 12. Joahás (814-981)

   Very few countries can boast of so many kings and such a rich history just as the Roma.

  Some historians and anthropologists are so isolated from the Roma community that can not be sufficiently aware of their culture. Therefore, not many know about Hebrew elements of Roma culture, they are not taken as the original. This is evidenced by their statements which refer to fake the resultof linguistic and ethnographic explorations of researchers who were able to write anything in this regard to the acceptance of their claims.

 It is serious, the fact that some historians do not respect their twenties kings, who democratically elected the 10 tribes of Roma unjust behavior King Solomon, who neglected the northern part of Israel, and almost all of the funds devoted to Jerusalem. They respect neither the historical truth that the ancestors of the Roma were Akkad and strains derived therefrom were again common ancestor of the Jews. Indeed, some historians argue that no one knows the true origins of the Roma. It is a deliberate disinformation, which is regrettable. They argue that although the original version of the Jewish Encyclopedia states that the Roma should be regarded as Jews. There also another Geer worg with which Roma have been in Byzantium: "Athinganoi" Conserting the Athinganoi, the Jewish Encyklopedia says " the may be regarded as Jews.  I would like to propose to all defendants the right to study the history of Roma origin of the ancient territory of Israel and then interpret the historical truth as honestly and objectively. Addition to the rights of Roma origin is misinformation!

   EU, which has already lost the original identity of Europe could not care less about the true identity of the Roma.
  Those anthropologists who had never been research activity of Roma identity and Indian nomads and abroad directly in their respective communities and who have just acquired the counterfeit theory of Indian origin of Roma simply can not have objective knowledge about the true origin of the Roma. In my opinion, they have no moral right to defend the theory unrealistic because it would offend the entire history of the ancient territory of Israel.
We, Israel advocates of the theory of the origin of the Roma we say that the theory of Indo-European origins of the Roma is fake. This theory lacks real truth about the true origin of the Roma.

  First World Congress of Delegates from fourteen countries, who founded the World Roma Union in 1971 probably did not know the history of the Roma and did not even have slightest knowledge of the history of the territory of ancient Israel. That they decided to use the Roma flag, which contains in addition to two lanes, lower and upper green blue, and red wheel with spokes that symbolizes India. But the Gypsies do not come from India but from the Holy Land of Israel! Roma, who know their Jewish ancestry often ask me if the roma flag isnt the flag of Indian nomads. According to the number of Roma in the Roma flag missing
characters of Israel, the caracters of the former home of Israel of all Roma. Whit that my argument in any case I do not intend to offend the current Roma flag.


Finally, let me state that I am free, individual researcher of the identity of the Roma people and I wouldn't be able to adapt to different institutional constraints on the matter.

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I support your words here actually wrote a poem about it concerning Moses

 see I believe that the final destination of the tribe that did not go into the promised land were our original folki

my reasoning is the high moral standing of our people the laws rules and ideas are pure ethical with those of desert tribal nomads  

I live in Australia born in semi arid country where water is scarce out up bringing was paramount to cleanliness and our spiritual education was the words of Moses

my family are traders  horsemen show people yet we are sinti tribal our surname deprives from new village neville nieville the other is baldocke from kent adding this up we are all from these tribal people who came out of the desert and tis our customs are therefore permantly set I agree there could be indian or any other middle eastern origins but tis standing to reason Buddha Islam Jews Christian are all centered around  spiritualism the ideals of which mankind believed in

I fully believe that these was two groups of people

one settled for the crossing out of Egypt

the other stayed with Moses yet when Moses passed on these folki had to go some where and mystery surrounds that period  so stands to reason would not these folki lost with out their head man their leader not go drifting in search of a home land there is no record why tese folki did not cross into the promise land or why they stayed with Moses


i fully agree with you and have written about this so many times.who else but the Jews and the Gypsies have been scattered throughout the world.the folk without a nation except the jJews got their nation in many many folk tell me we came from india 1000 years ago and i always ask them where were we 6,000 or 7000 years ago.i myself believe we come from the lost tribe of Dan

Roma travelled from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab to Egypt via Iran and then moved to Europe and slowly to other parts of the world.

1. Language is most important basis of their origin of place. Number of words are from Sanskrit.

2. Many traditions are from the state of their origin. Nomadic tradition is from India Sintis are Gadia lohar.

3. their dance style is resembled to Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab.  


Dear friends you have research full ideas I lived with Roma in India and Europe and learned many skills from them. Their moving techniques dancing, caring the family, working on iron implements music and using limited words.In India their cart is open and most of the things they keep in ground floor in Europe they use wagons covered carts. I have done 20 paintings on Roma to explain visual way. O.P.Joshi If I get email I can send printed cards.I wrote to museum of Australia but received no response.  


dear aunt and wise one we actually talked about this while discussing the project the story teller for the English gypsy council tis same as I talked with others of this facial structure body language and idealism points towards these assumption's

cathay birch said:

i fully agree with you and have written about this so many times.who else but the Jews and the Gypsies have been scattered throughout the world.the folk without a nation except the jJews got their nation in many many folk tell me we came from india 1000 years ago and i always ask them where were we 6,000 or 7000 years ago.i myself believe we come from the lost tribe of Dan

Dearest aunt I noticed that us the horse people are as close to those of the Mongolians as traditional and ethics are oncerned yet also the Persia people a nomadic people also were skilled cavalry
The idealism of the arab the Jew connections and Asian coneections are variable the nomad always seemed pasture for stock or were traders
So mix races language and traditional values the idea of India is but a passing thread to the reality of what we are
Joseph jones summed it up this way we run into brothers sisters world over we are drawn to those people not by language but by blood connections because a gypsy person knows another by surpte and instinct
Oh yeah there's people out there who go walkabout and are restless but their customs thoughts and actions are not like ours
Nor will ever be

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