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ERSO: European Romani Symphonic Orchestra



Throughout our history Romani music has played a vital role. It has been our common language; every verse, every musical note from an instrument, every voice change, every lament wrapped in a melody has allowed us to express our feelings and to communicate with people who in our long walk across Europe have accepted or rejected us. Our music also talks about our way of understanding life, about our habits and social ties, among which respect for our elders, care for our children or conservation of our traditions, have been elevated and are now our most precious heritage.




In 1999 with the help of my family and some musician friends from Bulgaria and Romania, I started ERSO: European Romani Symphonic Orchestra. A symphonic orchestra is the perfect medium to make the rich Romani musical culture known, to show the influence it has had on symphonic music throughout the ages in all the countries of the EU and to build a bridge between all composers, who are currently performing, spreading and renovating Gypsy musical heritage all over the world.


As a Rom I am thankful for the cultural heritage in the form of Gypsy music and Flamenco, handed down by my elders. I must also thank my education and musical training for helping me to have reached an understanding of the great body of European symphonic music. Thanks to this, I have become a musician.




Now, as director and conductor of ERSO (European Romani Symphonic Orchestra), I feel that we can offer to young Roma artists similar chances and support for training and education, as well as the opportunity to join the extraordinary project of a Romani Symphonic Orchestra with Romani traditional artists from all over Europe: musicians, dancers and vocals. These artists are going to have the opportunity to hear their music performed by a symphonic group and to be part of it! Thus they will contribute to the performance of pan-European Gypsy music.




ERSO promotes research into the influence that Gypsy music has exercised on folklore and famous symphonic art. ERSO is also interested in performing national music and songs.


Apart from the orchestra in itself, we aim to lead cultural projects regarding the dispersion of knowledge of Romani culture, to make the knowledge available to children and adults, and to bolster musical education, musical research, musical societies and any other initiative that results in tolerance, coexistence and the fight against social exclusion.


Paco Suarez,

Maestro y Director de Orquesta


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Comment by paco suarez on April 16, 2012 at 14:33
OLA all

This is a special group for musics and artists with concerns about art and musicRomani.

From here we can establish the necessary contacts to organize, comment and elaborate on the future of gypsy artists from around the world.

Together we can nuetsra own cultural revolution through the música.Nuestro art must be appreciated as it deserves.

So this place and this group will be the contact platform for stakeholders in the construction of our traditional and classical music  for the future through an extraordinary symphony orchestra EUROPEAN ROMANI SYMPHONIC MUSIC ( ERSO ) formed in 1999 in Bulgaria and as a director I feel very proud.


We makes our future together.

Hug everyone and welcome

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