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NEW BOOK, by Valeriu Nicolae:

We Are The Roma !, One Thousand Years of Discrimination... by VALERIU NICOLAE (Seagull Books London, 2013)

The Roma or Romani people, commonly called gypsies, comprise one of the largest ethnic minorities in the European Union, with significant populations in the Balkan Peninsula as well as Spain, France, Russia, and the Ukraine. Persecution of the Roma dates back to the Byzantine Empire, when many were enslaved. The violent discrimination - being burnt alive, having homes destroyed and children stoned - and ghettoization of their communities continues even today. Despite EU legislation designed to protect them against racism, blatant and persistent persecution continues, both in newer member states such as Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Hungary, and in countries at the heart of the EU. And despite the EU's stated commitment to human rights, country or official body has taken up the case of the Roma and strongly argued for their protection and integration. In this powerful and well-argued book, Valeriu Nicolae, himself a Romanian Roma, gives voice to the Roma cause, offering a precise and candid look at their current situation. In doing so, Nicolae also provides insightful ideas for what can and should be done to stem this long-standing and cruel intolerance. We are the Roma! brings to light an important and often over-looked ethnic discrimination in Europe and tells a story urgently in need of telling.

Valeriu Nicolae packs one thousand years into one hundred pages in this bracing manifesto for the 21st Century, covering racism, identity, mass media, slavery, ghetto life, affirmative action, social inclusion and much more.
This entire text is an urgent, forcefully-argued polemic from Nicolae who has long since abandoned the international Roma conference and advocacy circuit to dedicate his waking hours to working with children and young people in Ferentari, one of the worst ghettos in Bucharest-RO. And some of the most compelling pages in this book are those which describe, in direct and unadorned prose, the utter desperation and bleak poverty that disfigures the lives of so many of the European Union's youngest and most vulnerable citizens.
The acute deprivation in Ferentari and other ghettos no doubt fuels Nicolae’s outrage at the vast sums unwisely spent to little effect on short-term projects, trainings and conferences. And
neither is there any doubt that his broadsides aimed at sclerotic ethnic elites, uncaring governments, obtuse bureaucrats, and myopic funders will ruffle feathers. So be it - Nicolae makes the convincing case that after ‘one thousand years of discrimination,’ our Roma fellow-citizens simply deserve better when it comes to respect, dignity and inclusion, and duty-bearers who fail to fulfil their duties need to be called to account.

In response to the question?' Nicolae has plenty to say that makes much sense, but his quote from Lilian IGNAT, a Roma from Caransebes, should be nailed to the door of every mayor, every bureaucrat and every Eurocrat's office:
"We are the ones who have to go through schools where teachers and pupils think we are scum; we are the ones who have to deal with anti-Gypsyism and self-loathing as children and adults alike. We have to try out our ideas and practice ways to deal with multiple conflicts from within and outside our communities ..... All of us need to change, not only us, the Roma. We want help but this help should be on our terms and not focused as it is now on assimilation." ( by © by Bernard Rorke )

The Roma Identity Delusion
So Who Are the Roma?
Symbols of Identity: Land, Language and Culture, Not to Mention Flags and Anthems
Ghetto Identity
Reactive Identity
Roma Nationalism
Roma Identity: What the Majorities Want
The Role of the Mass Media: Romania
Media in Italy
Should the Roma Solve Their Own Problems ?
Affirmative Action and Existing Opportunities for Roma Representation
Social Inclusion: A Challenge for Europe
Where Do We Go from Here ? The Case of Dumitru G.


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Comment by Wout J. van Vloten on February 6, 2016 at 14:42

Final Destination Pata Rât – Gypsies living on the dumpsite of Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár (Romania)
The Gypsy Community Forced To Live On A Toxic Dump...Alex Fekete explains how his community has been rejected by all of society ( 2015/2016)

2013/2014....Pata Rât is located at the periphery of the city of Cluj Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania and covers 18 hectares. It is the home of three distinct groups of Roma people that live in two neighborhoods, ironically named “Dallas I”, “Dallas II” and a third one that lives up on the Pata Rat landfill, a total of circa 1500 people.

Comment by Wout J. van Vloten on July 28, 2017 at 15:16

2 AUGUST...European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day - Journée Européenne de commomération du génocide des Roms...

Dessin par Ricardo

Website de Ricardo:

Comment by Wout J. van Vloten on July 28, 2017 at 15:18

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